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Our Approach The Butterfly Effect

The Business of Changing Hearts and Minds

The butterfly effect is a concept from chaos theory that suggests that specific changes in one part of a system can have significant and unpredictable effects on the rest of the system over time. This concept has important implications for psychology-based marketing and communication firms.

Our proprietary approach, the butterfly effect, can be seen in the way that surgical changes and programs in marketing, communications, or programs can have a significant impact on target audience behavior. The tone, language, and framing of marketing messages can trigger emotional responses in consumers that can influence their decision-making processes.

The butterfly effect also applies to the psychology of consumer behavior. Specific nudges or changes in the consumer experience can have profound effects on behavior. 

Psychology-based marketing and communication firms must take into account the potential impact of detailed changes on consumer behavior and brand perception. Attention to detail is crucial, and a focus on understanding and leveraging the principles of psychology can lead to more effective marketing and communication strategies.

Overall, the butterfly effect reminds us that small changes can have a significant impact on a larger system, and that careful attention to detail and an understanding of psychology are essential to successful marketing and communication campaigns.

Our Process

Our proprietary process follows this structure to change hearts and minds.


Deep dive process to understanding your business objectives. ​


Identify the target audience and understand their psychological needs, desires, and behaviors.


Create and hypothesize a comprehensive blueprint and data-driven game plan.


Organize and execute the entire composition of the program or solution.


Continuously calibrate and pivot as market trends and data insights speak.

Your Custom Programs

We reverse engineer your business needs into a highly customized, channel-agnostic strategy game plan.

Psychology Marketing 72%
Scientific Storytelling 52%
Data Science 33%
Business Strategy 28%
Psychology Sales Enablement 41%
Brand/Product Evolution 47%


We work with a large number of clients from various industries, including:

Butterfly Effect

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