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We help businesses unlock true potential by providing innovative solutions and partnering effectively with clients.
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We have stratified businesses into their next evolution. Our process is designed to empower your brand and outfit your business with the tools needed to succeed. Talk to us today about how we can support your growth, and put you on a continued track of success. We didn’t always start out this way. We began with a dream of doing this a different way.

Our Journey

New Beginning

Blue Monarch Group founded as small consulting firm driven to unlock true potential, helping businesses to drive innovation and strategy through data science. Our founder, Ellza Malok, was an experienced executive and she was able to provide businesses with next level intelligence to transform their brands.

As we grew, we remained faithful to our founding factor. We firmly believed that evolution was the key to our clients’ success. We constantly evolved our science, our creative and our practices to keep up with the momentum of change. It’s why Blue Monarch is named as such. Like a butterfly, each metamorphosis is required to evolve into their next phase of growth. It’s difficult and uncomfortable, but it’s definitely necessary.

Finding the "why"

We soon became known as the go-to partner for marketing science, and we were able to help our clients increase their sales and retain more customers by using attribution modeling within branding and storytelling initiatives.

What always perplex us was that we couldn’t understand the “why” behind the numbers. So, we began to research psychology and how people make decisions. We tapped into universities and research labs to uncover common themes and psychological profiles.

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Our "Aha" Moment

We discovered that there are three main drivers of decision-making: the Self, which is personal identity; the Social, which is social identity; and the World, which is environmental context. We realized that if we could understand these three drivers, we could really help our clients create better marketing strategies and game plans. We could help them understand their customers and achieve better results.


Experiment with new findings

Our team then to the exhaustive and experimental process of applying those findings into marketing programs. We began to blend the applicants with our hyper creative team.

We engaged our consultants, marketers and creatives with engineers, scientists as well as musicians, artists and psychologists. What we found was by connecting art and science resulted in more sophisticated marketing strategies and better results.


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Where we are today

Today, Blue Monarch Group applies bleeding edge strategies to drive brands to their next stage of evolution.

We create new experiments and practices, break molds of traditional strategies, and innovate at every step of the way with the guiding mentality that it must make an impact.

We’re so grateful and humbled to help unlock brands’ true potential.

And Beyond

We believe that the key to unlocking a brand’s true potential is to first understand the science behind it. Only then can you develop strategies that will truly resonate with consumers.

Our Research

Our Awards

Butterfly Effect

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