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Case Study: Changing Employee Perception with Blue Monarch Group


A manufacturing company was facing challenges with employee perception. The company had experienced recent changes in leadership, which had resulted in a lack of trust and a negative perception among the employee base. To address these issues, the company partnered with Blue Monarch Group, a consulting firm that specializes in psychology-based communication strategies.


Blue Monarch Group began by conducting a thorough analysis of the company’s communication channels and employee feedback. They used a combination of data analysis, market research, and psychological assessments to identify the employees’ needs, values, and motivations. Based on this analysis, Blue Monarch Group developed a communication program that focused on the following:

  1. Psychology-based communication – The program emphasized the importance of using psychology-based communication to connect with the employees. By understanding the employees’ psyche, the company could craft messaging and visuals that resonated with them, leading to increased employee loyalty and satisfaction.
  2. Brand messaging – The program included a reevaluation of the company’s brand messaging, ensuring that it was consistent, clear, and aligned with the employees’ psychological needs and values. The program used psychological principles to create an emotional connection with employees, emphasizing the positive emotions associated with the company.
  3. Employee engagement – The program included a focus on employee engagement, through communication channels such as town hall meetings, focus groups, and employee surveys. This engagement helped to build trust and transparency between employees and leadership, which improved employee perception.


The implementation of the psychology-based communication program was found to be effective in changing employee perception and increasing employee satisfaction. The program led to a significant increase in the number of engaged employees and a decrease in negative feedback. The reevaluation of the brand messaging and the use of psychology-based communication helped to create an emotional connection with employees, and the focus on employee engagement helped to build trust and transparency. Overall, the partnership with Blue Monarch Group proved to be successful in helping the manufacturing company achieve its goals and make a positive impact on its employee base.

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