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Case Study: How Blue Monarch Group Helped an Innovation Event Achieve Its Business Goals by Creating Lasting Memories

An academic-focused innovation event was looking to shift back into in-person-only events in the next 12 to 18 months. Their key goal was to create enough moments in-person so the virtual participants experienced FOMO and would attend in-person in the future. Additionally, due to the large participant count, offering more intimate moments was critical.

Blue Monarch Group took their key pillars Psychology Marketing and Scientific Storytelling to achieve the client’s business goals. We curated new psychological profiles aligning to the targets.

Emotion-Triggering Program:

We created an emotion-triggering program through our music and scent subconsciously invoking more engagement, connection, and influence on participants in each space throughout the venue. By using music and scent that evoked certain emotions, we were able to create a more engaging and memorable experience for the participants.

Curated Spaces:

Each space was designed to amplify the environment and the information being relayed, curating its own identity and memory forms. By designing each space to reflect the content being presented and the emotional experience we wanted to create, we were able to create a more immersive experience for the participants.

The New Orleans event space allowed for a mix of intimate and expansive moments to be embedded into the participants’ mental space. We were able to create several dozen hubs and thousands of moments for over 8,500 participants.


Post-survey results revealed that participants felt that this event was more memorable and had built better connections. Academic quizzes showed that information retention was the highest it had been in over a decade. The VIPs and premium members who were treated to a dinner party noted that the food was said to taste better even though the same catering menu was used as in years past.

More importantly, 90 days later, as the event is planning for next summer, the enthusiasm has held up and attendee inquiries are trending upward. By creating an emotional and immersive experience for the participants, we were able to create lasting memories and build a strong connection with the audience.


By using Psychology Marketing and Scientific Storytelling, Blue Monarch Group was able to help an innovation event achieve its business goals. By creating an emotion-triggering program and curated spaces, we were able to create a more engaging and memorable experience for the participants. By using the power of psychology marketing, businesses can create lasting memories and build a strong connection with their audience.

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