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Case Study: How Blue Monarch Group Used Psychology Marketing and Communication Programs to Build Awareness Among the Younger Demographic for a Life Sciences Company

The life sciences company had great communication and engagement among those leaving the workforce and thus their decision-making power. However, their primary target market, the younger demographic, was unaware of the brand and its offering. The company needed to reposition the brand to create awareness and interest among its target market.

Scientific Storytelling and Psychology Marketing:

Blue Monarch Group started with a scientific approach to data and storytelling to unlock the emotional triggers of each persona. A data-driven approach helped the brand team make the right decisions. The team analyzed the current customer journey and identified the pain points and friction points where they could intervene and deliver an experience that would delight the customer. Where there is pain and friction, there is a story to tell.

To create awareness among the younger demographic, we used Psychology Marketing to connect with them on a personal level. We identified their values, needs, and preferences and created targeted messages and content that would resonate with them.

Virtual Events and Social Media Strategy:

With a new direction and a new focus, the life sciences company was able to engage its customers in a way they never had before. Virtual events and a social media strategy were the key to their success. By engaging their customers on a personal level, they were able to build a connection that had been lacking before.

Growing Community:

As a result, their community grew by leaps and bounds, reaching 25,000 members with a 73% engagement score. This growth was a mix of organic and paid programs, but it was the organic growth that really solidified their position. By providing value and content that was relevant to their customers, they were able to build a lasting relationship that resulted in loyalty and repeat business.


By using a combination of Scientific Storytelling and Psychology Marketing, Blue Monarch Group was able to help a life sciences company create awareness and interest among the younger demographic. By analyzing the customer journey, identifying pain points and friction points, and delivering an experience that delights the customer, they were able to build a lasting relationship that resulted in loyalty and repeat business. Virtual events and a social media strategy helped them engage with their customers on a personal level and build a community that grew by leaps and bounds. By using the power of Psychology Marketing, businesses can create a strong connection with their target market and achieve their business goals.

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