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Case Study: Encouraging Charitable Giving


A nonprofit organization was facing challenges in raising enough funds to support its mission of providing essential services to underprivileged individuals in the community. The organization had received some donations, but they were not enough to expand their programs and help more people in need. To overcome this challenge, the organization decided to implement a psychology-based communication program that focused on encouraging charitable giving. The program included using social norms, framing effects, and storytelling to motivate donors to give.


The nonprofit organization partnered with Blue Monarch Group, a consulting firm that specializes in helping nonprofits develop effective communication strategies. Blue Monarch Group started by analyzing the organization’s donor base and identifying the most effective ways to engage them. They also conducted a survey to understand the factors that influenced donors’ decisions to give.

Based on the survey findings, Blue Monarch Group developed a communication program that focused on the following:

  1. Social norms – The program emphasized the collective impact of giving, highlighting the positive outcomes that could be achieved when many people contribute to the cause.
  2. Framing effects – The program presented information in a way that would resonate with potential donors, framing the organization’s mission in a positive and inspiring light.
  3. Storytelling – The program used powerful stories to connect emotionally with potential donors, highlighting the impact that their donations could have on the lives of underprivileged individuals in the community.


The implementation of the psychology-based communication program was found to be effective in increasing donations and engagement with the nonprofit’s mission. The program led to a significant increase in the number of donors and the amount of money donated. The nonprofit organization was able to expand its programs and reach more people in need. Overall, the partnership with Blue Monarch Group proved to be successful in helping the nonprofit achieve its goals and make a positive impact in the community.

NOTE: We offer special pricing models for nonprofits giving back to the community, just like this one.

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