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Case Study: Improving Workplace Diversity

A mid-sized company was facing challenges related to workplace diversity. The company had a predominantly homogeneous workforce and was struggling to attract and retain employees from diverse backgrounds. Additionally, the company had received reports of discrimination and bias, which were impacting employee satisfaction and productivity. To address these issues, the company decided to implement a psychology-based communication program that focused on improving workplace diversity. The program included using inclusive language, cultural competency training, and diversity recruitment efforts to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace.


The company partnered with Blue Monarch Group, a consulting firm that specializes in helping companies develop effective diversity and inclusion strategies. Blue Monarch Group started by analyzing the company’s current practices and identifying areas for improvement. They also conducted a survey to understand the factors that influenced employee satisfaction and engagement.

Based on the survey findings, Blue Monarch Group developed a communication program that focused on the following:

  1. Inclusive language – The program emphasized the importance of using inclusive language in all company communications, including job postings, emails, and meetings. This helped to create a more welcoming and inclusive environment for all employees.
  2. Cultural competency training – The program provided cultural competency training for all employees, helping them to understand and appreciate the diverse backgrounds of their colleagues. This training helped to reduce bias and discrimination in the workplace.
  3. Diversity recruitment efforts – The program included diversity recruitment efforts to attract and retain employees from diverse backgrounds. This helped to create a more diverse workforce, which in turn led to greater creativity, innovation, and productivity.


The implementation of the psychology-based communication program was found to be effective in increasing employee satisfaction and reducing discrimination and bias. The program led to a significant increase in the number of employees from diverse backgrounds, which helped to create a more inclusive and welcoming workplace. The company’s employees reported feeling more engaged and productive as a result of the program. Overall, the partnership with Blue Monarch Group proved to be successful in helping the company achieve its goals and make a positive impact on its employees and the community.

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